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Forge ahead of ASOEM Member

    Some praise the beauty of the flower, fruit sweet, little attention has been praise for the flowers and fruits provide nourishment, and selfless dedication to the green leaves;

    When you open favorite Fukuda or Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, friends and family go hand in hand go out to play and enjoy the happiness of life, if you will think of those quiet dedication of ASOEM Group Staff -------- ASOEM Member.

    In order to develop new markets, striving for excellence, to build the the Yasuo Yi Group's brand and culture, Yasuo Yi hard work, forge ahead, ongoing reform and innovation, market research.

    As a ASOEM Member who work hard with the music, not written on the face, but deep in the heart.

    Into the workshop, you will see a busy figure, and a joyful and proud faces, they are hard working, selfless dedication, but few people know that behind them the bitterness and tears.

    Walked into the office, you will see a busy pace and a smiling face, and their hard labor.

    As a result of the needs of every day, stick to the familiar positions, over and over again, and again taken the trouble to repeat the process, fulfill their duties diligently working ...

    Job duties, the responsibility is extremely heavy, and just 12 words seared deeply ASOEM Member's minds.

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