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Talent Strategy

Asoem Group's HR strategy:Both ability and integrity, win-win cooperation, people-oriented., Shared development.

1.Both Ability and Integrity

    De: moral; Cai :talent; Bei: have. Refers to both good moral character and talent
    De: refers to the political quality. Determines the quality of the view of the world, life and values, manifests itself in the real work of dedication, responsibility, principle, and integrity of enterprise service awareness, unity and cooperation of style and courage to overcome difficulties, to complete tasks and many others.
    Cai: refers to the level of intelligence. Including the ability to solve problems of theoretical knowledge, management of scientific knowledge, their own expertise, comprehensive analysis of issues, including practical work in the planning, decision capability, command and coordination and innovative ability.
    “Both Ability and Integrity ”is ASOEM Group to follow the talent; Its essence is to require employees to do ethics, talents, both indispensable one, and De in the former, Cai in the post. In fact, a person talent the higher, the relationship between De and Cai the more closely, the more important. De is not only embodied by the Cai, but also for the deepening of the sublimation; Cai not only led by the German, but also for De, strengthened, and activation. Therefore, in order to become ASOEM reuse talent, we must do both ability and integrity. Whether you play any role in ASOEM, "both ability and integrity" are the direction of your efforts.

2. Win-Win Cooperation

    Cooperation: the individual and the individuals, groups and groups to achieve a common purpose between each other with a joint action or manner.
    Successful cooperation requires basic conditions are: ① The common goal; to ② unified understanding and specification; a ③ mutual trust and cooperation atmosphere; to ④ certain material basis for survival and development of cooperation; ⑤ together to create value.
    Win-win for consumers and businesses, should the customer first win, after win enterprise; for employees and between enterprises, the staff first win business after the win. Win-win situation is to the interests of all parties take into account. Businesses and employees unity and cooperation in the competition to create value, talent achieve unprecedented profitability and market competitiveness in the modern economic conditions.

3. People-oriented

    "People-oriented" management refers to the starting point and center in the management process in order to artificially around the initiative to inspire and mobilize people, enthusiasm, creativity expanded, in order to achieve a series of management activities that people with the common development of enterprises. The basic idea of the people-oriented management is the most basic elements in the management, who is dynamic, and the environment is an interaction, create a favorable environment to promote human development and the development of enterprises; personal goals with corporate goals can be coordination, the enterprise into a learning organization enables employees to achieve their own goals, in this process, better understanding of employees to business goals to better reflect the interests of employees and employee goals; people-oriented management to a comprehensive human development. the core of human development is the premise of enterprise development and social development.

4.Shared development

    Shared development: the employees and businesses to enjoy the value created by the enterprise.
    ASOEM Group, the fundamental premise to rely on staff development to improve as a fundamental way, the fundamental principle of respect for human development, as the fundamental purpose for people, and always realize, safeguard and develop thethe fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the employees as a starting point and goal of all work to address the good employees are most concerned about, the most direct and most realistic interests, do rely on staff development for staff, development, and development outcomes and staff sharing.

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