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Personnel Policy
    Guided by a large group strategy, Asoem Group Corporation fosters the concept that human resources is the primary resource and talent is the first element of the development of the enterprise. It also, based on its overall development strategy, sees personnel management and system innovation as an important means to enhance the core competitiveness. The company has steadily set up a complete human resource system meeting the needs of requirements of modern enterprise system and market competitiveness. The enterprises of the group corporation firstly restructured organization and the businesses process which include optimizing the organizational structure, clarifying the major work processes and the establishing scientific talent selection mechanism, succeed in creating a good environment conducive to talent coming to the fore of respecting knowledge and talents, which makes a reliable guarantee for Asoem Group's sustained, healthy and rapid development.

1. Open recruitment ensures staff qualification

    Aiming to optimize human structure, promote staff’s qualification and make good selection, Asoem Group actively creates pool talents system based on open recruitment and equal competition to the whole society. The operational proficiency requirements for new staff shall be set in accordance with the specific identification of the position, and common conditions and the recruit procedures in accordance with the relevant requirements. The new staff is offered a probationary period, the qualified persons can sign employment contract with the company, the unqualified will be quitted.

2. Practice and perfect appointment system

    Asoem Group signs a labor agreements with its each staff abide by relevant state laws and regulations in equality, based on voluntariness and negotiation so as to establish labor relations. The agreements clarifies each party’s obligations and rights, defines firing and resignation system, and states clearly that the company can dismiss its employee, as well, the staff may resign in accordance with the agreement, so as to ensure smooth entrance and exit.

3. Practice job position management system

    Asoem Group has clarified the obligations, rights and conditions for different job positions, and practiced strict job position management accordingly. It also, through the establishment of a scientific mechanism, places the talent on the most suitable location so as to fully use their capacity, intelligence and wisdom, in order to create basic conditions for the enterprise development. For leadership positions, it establishes and improves a term-target responsibility system, and strengthens assessment of the completion of term’s objective. For other common employees, it, in accordance with their job positions’ requirements, assesses their performance focusing on the management level, operational capabilities, job value and efficiency, and takes the evaluation results as the bases of adjustment and treatment. The company applies competition and post two-way choice for almost all the job positions, and gradually establishes an appointment and selection mechanism featured in open and fair, and competitiveness.

4.Promote the development of occupational

    Asoem Group has implemented a series of staff development initiatives to help employees to promote career development.Mainly as follows:
    ⑴ tutor / teacher with post system: the mentor / master shall be the plan to new employees provide counseling services to help new employees adapt to the work environment as soon as possible, to upgrade their skills and work performance, and guide new employees to do the career development planning.
    ⑵ ASOEM Group XI system (management, sales, market research and development class, class of production, logistics classes, financial classes, human resource, administrative class, the IT class of two sequences (managerial and professional) career development, auditing, monitoring the class) channel. The two sequences of development channels are as follows:
    Management channels: new employees - Supervisor - Manager - Director - Assistant to the President, Vice President, President
    Professional channels: new employees - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Expert - Senior experts
    ⑶ staff career management: to promote staff growth and organizational development "win-win", the Group has implemented a staff career management process. Companies and human resources to focus on and led the development of the organizational level processes, departments and individuals to focus on the individual level of development processes, and ultimately to achieve the organic unity of the two.
    ⑷ a wide range of growth opportunities: to provide employees with job rotation, job transfer, competition for positions, such as a variety of ways to help employees obtain the knowledge, skills and experience required for career development.

5.Stratification, targeted employees to develop personalized training

    ASOEM Group has always been training as a long-term strategic enterprise development and talent development, stratification, targeted, personalized training for staff and improve the overall quality of employees and the enterprise management level.
    Based on employees' career development path, ASOEM Group training can be divided into the training of new employees into the Secretary pre-job training, job training (professional training, management skills training) three categories.

6.Full pay based on job value management system

    Asoem Group was established based on job value of total compensation management system, internal equity, external competitiveness, as follows.
    ⑴ the basic wage: the value of staff positions, level to provide staff with industry competitive wages.
    ⑵ unskilled wages: employees with the posts of knowledge, experience, ability and other necessary work skills to determine.
    ⑶ performance bonuses: we will work together with staff performance and the performance of the company, to provide staff with quarterly and annual performance bonuses. Quarterly bonuses, annual bonus directly reflects the performance and contribution of employees, reflecting the performance-oriented pay incentives. Marketing personnel commission system, wage system, ie, salary plus commission.
    ⑷ special awards: for the special work done during the year to make a special contribution to the employees and work teams, we also provide various special awards to reflect the timely recognition and reward excellent staff, excellent work team.
    ⑸ The annual salary adjustment. The ASOEM groups to establish a pay adjustment mechanism. Annually with the external market standard, based on benchmarking results to adjust the Group's remuneration system, according to the annual employee performance and salary.
    ⑹ welfare. The company endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance, critical illness Medicaid, personal accident insurance, providing a comfortable, friendly, user-friendly office environment and facilities, staff quarters and food subsidies. ASOEM employees can also enjoy 11 days of national holidays, paid sick leave, paid annual leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, paid exam leave, annual travel, marriage celebrate, and holiday gifts.
    ⑺ of shares. We are interested in long-term development, and performance consistently outstanding key employees to provide the Company of shares designed to allow employees to share the company's growth,replica watches and closely linked to long-term interests of the employees personal interests and development of the company.

7. Set and perfect a distribution encourage system

    Asoem Group established its salary system based on efficiency indicators oriented and assessment of labor contributions value combined with management indicators, and carried out the system in accordance with two levels of enterprise-wide and senior management team. The total wage is linked with economic efficiency indicators of the year and labor contributions value, incentives of the senior management team is linked with enterprise efficiency indicators and management indicators. Distribution is based on performance, contributions and efficiency, and highlights the front-line personnel, backbones and the outstanding so as to give full play to the role of encouragement of the income distribution. The salary system is in accordance with the position, task and efficiency, the income level is decided by the job position, and a reasonable difference is allowed based on job difference. In addition, the company has bought for employees the basic social insurance, and some companies have also bought a supplementary insurance for their employees.

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