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1 to determine the direction, not to avoid costly mistakes. Think about the focus of this work is done, hope to get any results, do so not really able to get the results you want to discuss with your supervisor and colleagues in the upstream and downstream processes, and then decide the overall direction and processes.

    2, a positive view of problems as a challenge. Optimistic and positive attitude is a magic weapon that we win. Negative pressure to a positive transformation, there will be amazing harvest.

    3, the use of systems thinking, work categorized carried. Develop habits and grasp the key, step by step and concentrate on the decision to order, proceed from the most important thing. We must first decide that a work is more important, the priority must be given to do; are unimportant, and can be postponed. Consider the priorities arising from the other results, often achieve nothing, but has been delayed or delayed things, such as after, often has lost its timeliness.

    4, to more effectively organize your work. If possible, work sharing or delegate in order to reduce the intensity of the work. To learn to authorization. We can develop a detailed work log:
    1) List the work you can expect tomorrow;
    2) In accordance with the importance and urgency to make the division and sorting;
    3) is not important and not urgent work the agency of others, or pushed back;
    4) in accordance with the sorting, orderly work is completed.
    5, to establish good relations office. Useful, pleasant and cooperative relationship with colleagues; to establish an effective, supportive relationship with the boss, understand the boss and your boss understand your problem, understand the rights and obligations of themselves and their boss in the work.

    6, sum up the proper plan. All the excellent work record,fake watch inspection, first to sum up experience, the second is to find their own self-confidence. The work to be carried out to develop some short-term plan, as detailed as possible to prepare.

    7, do not give yourself unnecessary pressure. Reduce the number of trivia that you are concerned about, do not to add unnecessary pressure on it to things beyond their control.

    8, enjoy the personal space. Do not always think of the work, efforts to arrange some time each day to handle their own affairs, such as with family, friends together.

    9, appropriate exercise. Every day to find time to relax,omega replica watches such as a breath of fresh air, doing moderate exercise, walking, and frequented the office, change the environment, these activities will help to release stress, relax the brain and restore energy.

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