Long-term Development Positioning and Dbjectives

Group is committed to build the industry leader in the field of the main industry,Corum Replica Watches the ability to control the high degree of internationalization, and good corporate governance, with a high degree of social responsibility, with the capacity for sustainable development of large multinational investment holding enterprise group.

"Twelve Of  Five years"Development Plan

    Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance,Patek Philippe Grand Complication Replica conscientiously implement the spirit of the Central Policy and SASAC the relevant requirements of the national "12th Five-Year Plan, to comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, advocacy and establish the concept of inclusive growth scientific development and the main line, to change the development mode, pay close attention to the policies and markets, and efforts to improve the Group's ability to control, and actively implement the "going out" strategy, and continue to enhance and give full play to "Ya Suoyi" brand value and advantages, adhere to strengthen and expand the trade and mechanical two main industry, actively develop the textile business, the comprehensive strength of the trade, machinery, textile business to maintain or enter one hundred before the same industry, adhere to the collaborative development of professional management pattern; accelerate the pace of the stock market and capital operation, and promote the Combination, and constantly increase our overall strength and core competitiveness, and strive to double asset size of about five years, revenue and profitability.

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