Company History

October 1998     A-one Pong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in Hong Kong, which is the finance center of Asia.

March 2000       A-one Pong Construction Machinery Company has set up branch in Guangzhou

May 2005        The Company conducted assets reorganization and successfully set up a new company named Asoem (International) Investment Co., Ltd in Hong Kong. It succeed in developing the “Asoem” serial construction machinery products, also are accepted by the market. 

July 2005        The Asoem Research & Development Center was formally founded, it focused on the further development and optimization of the performance for “Asoem” serial products, and its “Asoem” serial products were totally pushed into Chinese market.

July 2005        Asoem Company made purchasing contract with SJ Tech Co., Ltd in North Korea, which amount is $10,000,000.00. It was authorized as the sole agent for SJ brand seals in China and developed Chinese market together with SJ Company.

May 2006       Shanghai Dong Ying Bang Machinery Co., Ltd was formally become the subsidiary of Asoem International Investment Co., Ltd.

January 2007    Newly established Guangzhou SJ Industry & Trade Co., Ltd and the SJ seals business in China was wholly authorized to this company.

September 2008    For the long-term investment and development in China, Group purchase China guangzhou wholly xintang "HuiMei business center" building officially science news changed its name to "the cable Iraq building", head office moved to the cable the building..

October 2008    Cooperated with Korea Sewon, TIC and Youngdong Company as their agent in China and responsible for their construction products business like motor, control valves etc.

May 2010      Guangzhou Dagmar Transmission Technology Co., Ltd was founded.

June 2011     Guangzhou Dcfable Textile Co., Ltd was founded,fake watches deals mainly in “DCFABLE” serial jeans clothing.

July 2011     Guangzhou Action Trading Co., Ltd was founded.

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