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     Asoem Group , established in Hong Kong in 1998, focus on construction machinery for the main business, is a synthetic enterprise whose business including Inport&Export, R&D, producing, sales and services. In 2000 the rope Iraq in guangzhou to set up a branch, the development of China engineering machinery market operation.After more than ten years don't understand of effort, with collectivization and internationalization, technology, specialization and characterization, advanced development strategy, rich marketing experience, advanced management system, high quality Audemars Piguet Replica products and perfect service, and audemars piguet royal oak replica watches line the investment quickly covered engineering machinery, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, textile and other industries; Its products sell well in Europe and America, Middle East, southeast Asia and mainland China, Hong Kong and other Chinese and foreign hundreds of countries and regions.

    Asoem Group wings, have a great ambition. Looking to the future, and cable Iraq will be committed to the development of China's machinery business, further intensify efforts to introduce product research and development and the project, and constantly develop and launch high-tech and high value-added products, actively participate in international competition, and strive to seek and related industries at home and abroad of the vast number of users to establish long-term cooperative partnership, common development and progress.

                         Long-term development ASOEM, keeping up with the world.



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